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Kids more than ever are glued to their devices. Why not spend it on an activity that will teach them life-lessons, get them moving, and learning self defense skills? Check out our catalog to see what programs we have to offer!

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"Master Kelley does an excellent job of teaching students the purpose of karate and the reasons to use it. He then takes you through a series of punches and kicks with interactive games and drills. And the best part? This introductory class is still an excellent choice for anyone new to karate, regardless of age or kid status."

<p><span style="color: rgb(100, 100, 100);" >Sara Lindberg</span></p>, <p>M.Ed VeryWellFit.com</p>

Sara Lindberg

M.Ed VeryWellFit.com

"My son was doing karate classes with another excellent, well-known martial arts franchise when I found Dojo Go. After doing the trial class with Taylor, my youngest begged me to let him enroll here. It is just as good, really fun, teach values and build confidence, so worth the price and most of all, the whole family including Mom and Dad can join in! Thanks, Taylor, for providing this bonding time for my family. I did not believe martial arts can be taught effectively virtually but you have made me a believer. Now, I can't say enough great things about your program!

<p>Ge Enders</p>, <p>Facebook Review</p>

Ge Enders

Facebook Review

"We were looking for a way to engage our boys in something fun, active, and meaningful and Dojo GO does just that. Our boys are learning martial arts in a fun way but also learning other important life concepts through lessons at the end of class. Highly recommend this for any family!"

<p>Jenni Clay</p>, <p>Facebook Review</p>

Jenni Clay

Facebook Review

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